Leverkusen coach Seoane wants to give a face to the team

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The question of satisfaction in newcomers is acknowledged Gerardo Seoane with a smile. And this smile reveals everything: We could reinforce all rows, of course, I am satisfied. It succeeded in sporting leadership, to give the team with the change a new face.

Above all, however, the coach sees a team that is competitive. We can tackle all competitions very ambitious. At the same time, Seoane notes, go to four challenges. Not only tasks in Championship, Cup and Europe League want to be mastered, the variety of national players ensure that there is high-operations for many Bayer professionals in the pounds – far from Leverkusen.

Seoane: We want to give the team a face

All this is often hand in hand with reduced training work, yet: We want to give the team a face. Which is not difficult to guess: We did it very much last Saturday. The game against Mönchengladbach as a bar? Seoane deviates a little, speaks of regularity, Konstanz for a whole year in different competitions. So the new face should be pretty as possible every week.

Seoane: A curiosity

First, it is important to underpin the claims that you put on yourself. Already on Saturday in Augsburg it is about consolidating the connection upwards. The goal is called Champions League, it should be in sight as long as possible. The coming opponent should probably be so dangerous above all, because he could never win against Bayer Leverkusen: A curiosity, says Seoane, self-sufficient one who says nothing to little. We know what Augsburg says, he warns. During the week, the team was shown by the game against Mönchengladbach, which makes them strong: Birth struggle, aggressive counterpressing to prevent possible counterparts and not only build on the speed, but take offensive solutions in the game with the ball.

Personnel is to be expected the team that played against Mönchengladbach. The most recently committed talents Piero Hincié (defense) and Amine Adli (attack) should be carefully introduced, which will probably happen through partial operations.

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