Far Changing Ties New videos present the mechanics of the Adventure

As part of the Future Games Show, Frontier Foundry and Okomotive have revealed new details about the upcoming adventure Far: Changing Tides. Among other things, the developers have revealed that the new part will also bring vertical gameplay into the series by taking the players diving and exploring flooded civilization.

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A lonely journey

Experience the emotional journey of a boy and his ship, which are looking for a new home. You will sail over stormy seas, discover in undiscovered deep diving and forgotten ruins. New environments, puzzles and ship mechanics should provide both fans of the series as well as new entrants an exciting gaming experience with major challenges.

In the role of Toe, who sees his homeland under the water masses, one will become the captain of his own ship. So that you conquer the sake that can cross the storms and explore the underwater world, you should keep things going on. For this, your new parts free, repair the ship for any damage, is looking for fuel and investigates salvage goods. One should also focus on environmental hazards and puzzles, while the developers put an almost meditative gaming experience on the legs.

Far: Changing Tides should be published at the beginning of 2022 for the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X / S, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and the PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store). Here are the latest videos to the adventure:

Further messages to Far: Changing Tides.

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