A Ubisoft theme park is still in process

Take me to Rabbids Land! Five years after announcing the construction of a theme park in Malyashia, Ubisoft joins Storyland Studios, based in California.

Ubisoft WiiU Game Trailer ZombiU Rabbids Assassin's Creed Just Dance - Nintendo WiiU
Finally, we can play in Rabbids Land or maybe even visit Norfolk as a Viking of the ninth century? Ubisoft still plans to create a theme park five years after its original ad.

Ubisoft is known by titles acclaimed by criticism, such as Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Rabbids, Far Cry and Scott Pilgrim vs. The world: The game. However, soon, the name of the company can be synonymous with thematic parks. Ubisoft originally announced plans to create a theme park in Malaysia in 2015, although it never came to fruition. But it seems that the wait was simply temporary, an association with Storyland Studios was recently announced, a design and production company based in California with staff links with Walt Disney Imagineering.

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According to Storyland, …

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