The cosplay game of Alyson Tabbitha is out of this world

NHL 19 Mascot Cam | Chance makes his debut! (Vegas Golden Knights)

It’s a new weekend and our cosplay fans know what it means! That’s right, we go back with another Cosplay projector feature. This weekend, we present the incredibly talented Alyson Tabbitha. Alyson has been in the Cosplay scene for some time and we presented it in 2017! But she was a busy bee and has a ton of spectacular new cosplays to show. Scroll to discover some of our favorite cosplays! Catwoman Harley Quinn – Birds of prey You want to discover a cosplay even more impressive? Discover some of our other features like the talented Kay Victoria, this epic video of Cosplay Comic Con 4k and we presented the provocateur Riribonni!

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