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Female entry or femsub is an activity or partnership in which a lady authorizations to submit to the direction of a sexual partner or allows her body to be utilized sexually by or for the sex-related enjoyment of her partner. The expression is commonly connected with BDSM, when the female voluntarily as well as consensually sends to such task. Submission usually involves a level of trust fund by the woman in her companion. The leading partner is generally a man, yet can also be another lady, or there can be several leading partners at the same time. The submissive woman may obtain sexual satisfaction or emotional satisfaction from relinquishing (to differing levels) manage to (along with pleasing) a relied on leading companion.
A 1985 research suggests that concerning 30% of individuals in BDSM activities are females. A 2015 study suggests that 61.7% of females that are active in BDSM shared a choice for a passive role, 25.7% consider themselves a switch, while 12.6% like the leading role. In contrast, 46.6% of men like the submissive role, 24% consider themselves to be switches as well as 29.5% like the dominant role.

According to the foreign market investigation company QUAntic Foundry _ recently investigation _ Interestingly, the bigger male is more like playing a female role.

playing shadowverse but we can only use female cards and our classes are randomly chosen

During the period from March 20020 to December 2020, Quantic Foundry recovered 2956 players’ survey reports, 69% of which were men, 27% were women, 4% were non-binary genders, aged 24 years old.

In this survey, most of the players have indeed chooses to choose their own roles, especially women, as high as 76%, only 9% preferred male angle. Only 48% of men prefer for men, 29% of men like to choose a female role. Instead of binary sex players have 38% of the preferred non-binary gender roles, but there are still 33% preference.

In the report, in a typical PC or home female players, there are about 60% of the female roles that are played by male players. Moreover, the longer male is more preferred, and the female players are not aged by different preferences.

The author Nick Yee of this report further pointed out that the current data is similar to the Everquest of MMORPG 20 years ago, and the same age is more preferred to play a female role. Especially in 2005, the survey of World of Warcraft players is estimated to have 55% of the female roles, based on the authors.

Another interesting part is found in the survey of the female players motivation. Men who like female horns are higher in design (performance, self-order, etc.) score, and women who like men in destruction (chaos, blasting items) score Higher.

Why is some male preferences to choose a female role? ** The four arguments proposed by the person:

  1. Society is more strict than women who violate gender norms, so it is easier to seek gender recognition in anonymous world. 2. Female angle is usually designed for men, which is another way of male physical and chemical and control women. 3. Especially in the multi-person network female players, the female role can be more susceptible to the male perspective, and invited to the group. 4. Female angle is usually presupposible to technically, you can let your opponent relax.

However, the author also pointed out that this is unable to explain why old men prefer female horn.

See here, some people may feel puzzled how a no-show, the answer, of course authors also mentioned. If you ask these questions on the Internet, the most common answer is usually: If you want me to stare at a buttock all day, it is preferred to be a female horn. Interestingly, the researchers assume a female players that only female players play, and can get a male role for free, but only 9% of female players will want to play the male angle.

There are also many people who have been warmly discussed in the message area of ​​the report articles. As in Assassin’s Board: Viki Era, the protagonist can always switch men or women at any time. When you connect, sometimes you will encounter the task of revenge for other players, some people say that he has encountered every player. It is a female corner.

Another woman thinks that he is playing in the growth process, which has been incense to play a male role. Of course, she still likes the female players, just when he played the female players, the experience made her more surprised. However, there are also male players who think that they are not a female body (staring), but only play an attractive female role to have more fun, and some people think that the female role is usually more beautiful and more. Good self-reservation option, he did not cast himself on the role, just a journey that was simply enjoyed this role.

Original: Quantic Foundry

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