The Sims 4 exceeds 20 million players future rates will be a better online

EA is pleased with tremendous growth opportunities for the franchise for many years.

The sims 4 He was as successful in the long run as much another game. He had a strong and dedicated player base that has grown steadily since the appearance of the game in 2014. During the last quarterly financial meeting confirmed EA that the simulation game was successful recently passed another notable milestone after over the course of his life over 20 million unique players have accumulated.

During the meeting, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, discussed EA, in a Q & A also the future of The Sims, _ and how social elements will integrate much more in the future. Normally what _The SIMS is above all about fulfilling the motives of the inspiration, escape, creation and self-improvement and not necessarily focus on social interaction and competition, said Wilson.

He continued that Maxis continues to continue to think about the Sims for a new generation and is more focused on social interactions and competitions, similar to the case, The sims online tried as it was on the years ago for the first time Market came, and that this will be part of the simmer experience in the coming years. Wilson continued to say that, because The sims has no real competitors in her genre, EA sees tremendous growth opportunities for the coming years.

The SIMS 4 is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (and will be free from February for PS4 via PS Plus). Maxi’s reports are now also working on a new unannounced IP.

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