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The Polish Spearwerin Maria Andrejczyk has auctioned her freshly recovered Olympic Silver Medal of Tokyo and thus finances a small boy a large part of its vital heart surgery.

The retail company Zabka Polska paid as auction winner converted around 106,000 euros for the medal.

I did not use long to decide, wrote the 25-year-old on Facebook: A medal is just an object, but it can have a great value for others and save lives.

The money benefits the eight months old Miloszek, which should be operated in the US at the heart. His family, which has to raise about 330,000 euros, has launched a fundraiser. Around 90 percent of the sum have already come together after Andrejczyk’s great gesture.

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Andrejczyk had become a second behind Liu Shiying from China in Tokyo. In 2018, she had been diagnosed with a kind of bone cancer.

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